• Water Security Symposium On Sunday, April 19th, the Carpinteria Valley Association and Carpinteria Beautiful will sponsor the Carpinteria Water Security Symposium, to be presented at the Plaza Playhouse Theater downtown at 3PM. It is intended to be a Town Hall meeting about our community’s water security, both short term and long term. Unless you ...
  • CVA Endorses a “YES” on Measure P CVA has endorsed the Healthy Air and Water Initiative, MEASURE P on the November 2014 ballot. It would prohibit the County of Santa Barbara from approving “high intensity petroleum operations” such as fracking, acidization and cyclic steam injection.
  • Texan drought sets residents against fracking – video In Mertzon and Barnhart in western Texas, the worst drought in two generations is choking the water supply. Water shortages are raising tensions between locals and the fracking industry. Drilling for shale gas uses up to 8m gallons of water each time a well is fracked.
  • Carp Water 101 Established in 1941, the Carpinteria Valley Water District’s mission is to provide potable water to customers in the Carpinteria Valley at a reasonable cost.
  • Sea Level Rise to Hit Carpinteria Sea level rise is not an abstract concept, or something that will only affect some tiny atolls in the South Pacific.