Carpinteria Goes Solar


Solarize Carpinteria Valley is a program brought to you by the Carpinteria Valley Association and Community Environmental Council (CEC) that makes it easier and more affordable for local homeowners to go solar. Our group purchasing model helps local homeowners install solar electricity through a streamlined and hassle-free process, at a discounted price.


Local homeowners who meet these three simple qualifications are eligible for savings through the Solarize Carpinteria Valley progam:

Live within the service territory (Carpinteria Valley and Summerland);
Own a suitable home for solar installation;
Sign a contract with one of our pre-qualified installers between during a designated Solarize program time period (May 20 – August 16).


CEC and the Carpinteria Valley Association first carefully evaluated and selected experienced solar installer partners for the Solarize Carpinteria Valley program. Then CEC and the Carpinteria Valley Association negotiated a limited time, discounted price that the installer partners agreed to offer to Carpinteria Valley residents who decide to install solar electricity through the program. By gathering residents together in a community led effort, Solarize Carpinteria Valley offers tremendous discounts made possible through collective purchasing. In addition to receiving a great price, Solarize participants gain peace of mind knowing that their installer has been vetted by a committee of experts.

Solarize Carpinteria Valley participants also help support CEC and the Carpinteria Valley Association’s missions. Included in the purchase price is a small one-time fee ($0.15 per installed watt) that is paid by the solar installers, with no additional cost to the homeowner. This fee helps CEC and the Carpinteria Valley Association continue to to fund similar programs and be self-sustaining.




Solarize Carpinteria Valley offers homeowners:

  • Peace of mind – Solarize Carpinteria Valley’s installer partners are selected through an exhaustive vetting process. CEC and the Carpinteria Valley Association assembled a committee of local experts which reviewed each firm’s financials, business practices and technologies offered. The committee also checked homeowner references for each firm. Thus Solarize participants can rest assured that they are working with a proven company with a history of top quality installations and customer service.
  • Discounted pricing – Through the power of group-purchasing, Solarize Carpinteria Valley offers a market-leading price to go solar. Past Solarize pricing has typically been 15 – 25 % cheaper than the year-to-date average price in each local market.
  • Verified technologies – Making sure that you are getting the right solar panels and inverters is a common stumbling block to many solar customers. Through Solarize Carpinteria Valley, choosing a technology is simple choice between two options: the value option and the efficiency option – both of which meet the program’s rigorous standards for technological performance.
  • A Free Solar Consultant – CEC’s Solar Program Manager acts as your personal solar coach and advocate throughout the entire process. The Program Manager provides an initial consultation to all Solarize participants and is available for advice at any time.


Solarize Carpinteria Valley is designed after similar successful Solarize programs in cities such as Portland, Oregon and Boston, Massachusetts. These programs have effectively built up solar markets in their communities and helped community residents go solar with less hassle and for less money.  We continue to see “solarized” communities lead the nation in solar installations per capita. CEC’s Solarize programs have already helped more than 250 Central Coast homeowners go solar.


To learn more about Solarize Carpinteria Valley, sign up here or contact Jefferson Litten, CEC’s Solarize Program Manager at or (805) 963-0583 x 105.

You are also encouraged to attend a free solar workshop. At the workshops, we explain solar technologies, energy efficiency, solar financing options, and—most importantly—how going solar can save you money.

Thursday, July 17 –  6:30 – 8:00pm
Carpinteria Library
Multipurpose Room
5141 Carpinteria Avenue