Celebrating 50 Years Protecting Carpinteria

Come Celebrate Our 50th Anniversary With Us!
We’ll be celebrating 50 years of protecting Carpinteria onCVA_50postCardColor
Saturday, July 19th, from 2pm until 5pm at the new Arts Center at 855 Linden Avenue. Join us as we welcome friends, neighbors, and local political representatives to our birthday party.
As one of the oldest grassroots volunteer environmental groups in the nation, CVA is proud of its many accomplishments that have come about through persistence, vigilance, active assistance from its supporters, and high-level collaboration with other individuals and groups in the Carpinteria Valley that share our goals and vision – to preserve the rural beauty of our valley and the charm and uniqueness of our small beach town.
Without these efforts, the City of Carpinteria and the surrounding
valley would look a lot different. By way of just a few examples,
thanks to CVA, its supporters and allies:

• We now have a preserve on the bluffs instead of an oil refinery or
grandiose hotel and housing developments;
• We have a nature reserve in the Salt Marsh instead of a marina and
commercial development;
• The seal rookery is not towered over by a 175 foot oil drilling rig;
• The Toro Canyon Plan is in place to put limits on potential over-
• The WWI era Memorial Oaks in the 101 median during the current
freeway widening project
are still intact.

And with the help and support of the community, CVA
will keep working:
• To conserve our natural environment
• To preserve our small beach town way of life
• To protect our Ground Water from contamination and overdraft
• To monitor the oil and gas industry’s activities in this area
• To influence development projects in Carpinteria and
• To track traffic and air pollution issues