• Carpinteria Goes Solar SolarizePostcard1 Solarize Carpinteria Valley is a program brought to you by the Carpinteria Valley Association and Community Environmental Council (CEC) that makes it easier and more affordable for local homeowners to go solar. Our group purchasing model helps local homeowners install solar electricity through a streamlined and hassle-free process, at a discounted price. WHO IS QUALIFIED TO PARTICIPATE? Local ...

  • Farming for Developers: Coastal Commission Stories The Bluffs of of many successes for the community.Thanks to the Coastal Act and the Coastal Commission, generations of Californians and our visitors enjoy the most pristine and undeveloped coast in the country, with recreation and access for all. It’s an amazing accomplishment. Almost 40 years ago the people of California passed Proposition 20 – the Coastal Initiative.

  • CVA Endorses a “YES” on Measure P yespCVA has endorsed the Healthy Air and Water Initiative, MEASURE P on the November 2014 ballot. It would prohibit the County of Santa Barbara from approving “high intensity petroleum operations” such as fracking, acidization and cyclic steam injection.

  • US water stress may drive shift to renewable power Energy-and-WaterBy Gerard Wynn Global Climate Change News & Analysis Updated on 21 June 2014, 5:43 am Climate change may drive a shift to more wind and solar power generation, to conserve water, a U.S. Department of Energy report said this week. The report found a risky mutual dependence between water and energy. Energy was needed to pump, treat ...